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Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 



What Do Those Mysterious Scores Mean?

Everybody has their own way of scoring stuff. Here's mine:


1* = Terrible and/or actively offensive. I may not have finished it, or I may have only done so because I didn't have much more to read. I only score/review books I've read more than 80 pages of.


2* = Not very good. It may just not have been my sort of thing, or maybe it had a terrible ending. I wouldn't recommend it.


3* = Does what I expected it to. All books mentally begin with this score. If it's got this score, it's good. The majority of books I read get this.


4* = Very good. I'll have been keen to get back to reading it and would recommend it. 


5* = Exceptional. Very few books get this score. The type of book which leaves me wanting to run up to people in the street and stand over them until they read it.


All scores given are subject to my own whimsy/how bad tempered I'm feeling.