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Dor Does Books

Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 



I hate the telephone

You know when you pick up the phone and there's a Paul O'Grady impersonator on the other end and the only word you can make out is "Jesus". And because you've literally *just* put down the phone trying to ring your sister, you wonder if it's her calling you back and being stupid because stupidity is the main way you communicate with each other.


So you go, 'What?' and Paul O'Grady repeats whatever they said the first time but it still doesn't make any sense but you're pretty sure it isn't Strider, so you ask who they want to speak to in the hope that will straighten the whole thing out, which it does, but then they trap you in conversation for three minutes and you agree madly with everything they say because you're not entirely clear what it is but you do eventually realise their name is Theresa?