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Being a young woman in today's Ireland.

Reblogged from Liz Loves Books.Com.:

An author who has just written a brilliant book, Louise O Neill (Only Ever Yours) has written a piece for her blog today on womens rights in Ireland, referring of course to the laws on abortion.  I think it makes quite important reading, this perspective from a young lady who actually resides there. Especially if you are a citizen of the UK who thinks about womens rights in the kinds of places that make the news such as Saudi, or other strict Muslim places. For me, shouldnt we be fixing the womens rights issues right on our doorstep or how can we judge the rest of the world?


Or is it just me. Anyway. If you are interested in this subject please read her post.





Source: http://www.louiseoneillauthor.com/being-a-young-irish-woman