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The letter I'd send to Michael Pietsch, CEO of Hachette, but won't because he's got enough to be doing

Dear Michael Pietsch,


It's been requested that I write to you about the ongoing Amazon-Hachette negotiations expression my extreme displeasure at your dastardly actions in this matter. Thank you for not caving to Amazon's passive aggressive methods.


This morning I received what may be the stupidest letter I've ever read - and I read at least half of the Hugh "Suck it Bitch" Howey fronted "thanks for letting us exist, Amazon" petition - and the fact that it's been sent on a Saturday morning when you presumably have better things to do does not make it any better.


These people do not speak for me as a writer, or as a book blogger. They trade on the ignorance of the general public and those self-published authors who have confused self-worth with a business decision. 


Thank you for heading up the company which has provided me with too many hours of pleasure to count. I forgive you for the absence of Dino pr0n.


Yours etc