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Dora's ARCs - The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes/Us by David Nicholls

If I died tomorrow, the words "But I didn't think they were going to APPROVE me" would be written on my gravestone. 


So, now I have an ARC of Marian Keyes' forthcoming novel, The Woman Who Stole My Life. It's out in November (srsly, guys, STAY OFF NETGALLEY. It's full of the Christmas scheduled books) so look for a review a bit closer to that release date.


I'm *really* thrilled to get this one. Although I'm not a big Chick Lit reader, I do like Marian Keyes. There are very, very few writers who get their pen on depression, addiction, and other associated things with as much wit and accuracy as Keyes does. I've yet to read anything of hers which I haven't found something to like in.


Hugest thanks to Michael Joseph/Penguin UK, and to NetGalley. *bounces*


(Also, I know it's an automated email, but I was thrilled that it specified "delight" at approving me).


Plus, from Edelweiss, David Nicholls Man Booker Longlisted Us. Yes, that's David "One Day" Nicholls. 


I've read a couple of his books; I liked Starter For Ten more than One Day, but I'm mainly interested in this *because* it's on the Booker longlist. I'm really curious about this one. I fear it's going to be in the same vein as his previous works and I'll end up writing a feminist rage essay about its inclusion rather than a review (because when women write it, it's domestic and has no literary value - Nicholls has already been into this territory with the One Day cover), but ... excited to see what it holds. I like books which manage to be literary *and* have a compelling story/characters; on paper, Us should fulfil that admirably. Look for a review towards its UK release date at the end of September.