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Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 



I wanted to like it but it wasn't quite there - The Book of Heroes by Miyuki Miyabe

The Book of Heroes - Miyuki Miyabe, Alexander O. Smith

Although I didn't finish it, I'd recommend The Book Of Heroes to anybody who's enjoyed Catherynne M. Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (and its sequels). It has the same fairytale feeling to it.


After Yuriko's brother gets knifey with some school bullies and disappears, she finds a magical talking book in his room and is drawn into an epic quest to save him from ... well - I'm not sure. That bit was kind of confusing. It involves going to another world where there are monks and stuff. And there are books and they talk and ... ummm ... yeah. Stuff! Monks! 


I liked it because it's Japanese and I like many things Japanese but the actual story was somewhat slow and the explanation of what was going on so complicated/abstract I couldn't follow it. I wanted to like it but between my mood, the physical dimensions of the book, and the fact it was due back to the library, I quit. 


This book is probably better than score I've settled on but I have to have rules if I want my scores to have fidelity: this book didn't hold my attention past 100 (large) pages (with small print) so, with regret, it's 1.5 stars. I don't rule out giving it another try - especially on Kindle - especially having gone and read some of the other reviews; I'd certainly take a look at the author's other books.