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Dora's ARC - The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd Jones

The String Diaries - Stephen Lloyd Jones

With the paperback edition of this one imminent (17th July in the UK) I've got my grabby hands on an ARC. And it's not merely an ARC, it's a POD ARC which makes me feel tremendously grown-up and professional. And slightly blind due to the extremely white pages. 


It's a supernatural thriller, one I've wanted to read since it was first sold. It's the story of a family who have been pursued across centuries but for whom it's time to stop running.


The first couple of chapters in I was unsure, but a couple of chapters further along than that and I am sure. I'm quite liking so far.


Thanks be to the good people at Headline for providing me with this book, facilitated in this act of munificent generosity by Bookbridgr.