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Dora's ARC - Dreamwalker by J D Oswald

Dreamwalker - J.D. Oswald

The pile goes down, the pile goes up. Such hardship.


Anyway - I nearly bought this one a while ago but held off for the usual reason: I have too many books already. Happily, with its transfer from the self to the trade published ranks comes the ARC, kindly granted to me by Penguin UK via the magnificence of NetGalley.


It's the first of the epic fantasy series "The Ballad of Sir Benfro", which explains why I've requested it. Sir Benfro is the Welsh name of Pembroke, an area of South West Wales famed for its coastline, natural beauty, house prices, and the ferry to Ireland. This is epic fantasy Cymru-style. 


J D Oswald is better known as James Oswald, author of the Inspector McLean crime novels, the first of which I liked despite the flaws. 


So, it's got a ticket, it's waiting in line, I hope it's good.