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Dor Does Books

Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 



I've just invented The Jon Snow game

It's a lot like the Michael Caine game, but more Jon Snow based.


In the Michael Caine game, you make a statement about Michael Caine followed by a punny joke using his popular catchphrase: "Not a lot of people know that".




Michael Caine accidentally rips his trousers: Not a lot of people Sew that.


Michael Caine urgently needs to catch a plane: Not a lot of people Heathrow that.


Michael Caine bans commercial activity with to the Faroe Islands: Not a lot of people Embargo that.



The Jon Snow Game is the same deal:


Jon Snow takes up birdwatching: You know Puffins, Jon Snow.


Jon Snow acquires gainful employment as an assistant in the adult film industry: You know Fluffing, Jon Snow.


Jon Snow has the item everybody in the story is trying to acquire: You know McGuffin, Jon Snow.



This is how I procrastinate. Don't judge me.