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Dor Does Books

Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 



Alllllll the hotness

I feel stupid complaining about the heat because Ireland is not exactly a hot place, and 25 degrees is not exactly desperate. In my defence, it's 81% humidity at this moment and because Ireland is not exactly a hot place, we don't have things like air conditioning.


It's also a problem because of Wren. I can't have my bedroom or office windows open more than a tiny bit because they are both on the first floor and she has a penchant for rolling on concrete windowsills. If I shut her out of my office, she scratches at the door until that gets changed.


I also keep worrying about how hot she's getting. She runs around wildly, even though it's hot, and on a couple of days she's come in panting with a bright red tongue. She also has a habit of going to sleep in hot rooms. I've bagged up some peas in the freezer in case I need to cool her down in a hurry. 


I know. Complaints, complaints.