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Dora's ARC - All Teachers Bright And Beautiful by Andy Seed

All Teachers Bright and Beautiful - Andy Seed

[Edited because I am a) inept and put down the wrong damn book and b) unable to use apostrophes correctly. In other news, this book is getting 3.5 stars]


This isn't the sort of thing I would normally pick up but I saw it when I was halfway through re-reading James Heriot and BookBridgr's buttons are just as clickable as NetGalley's (thankyou, kind people at Headline!).


This is a year in the life of a Yorkshire-based primary school teacher, hence the punning title. I've read a few of Gervase Phinn's (year in the life of a Yorkshire-based primary school's inspector) books and was expecting something similar. I've got something slightly better.


It's pretty good, and it's made me smile a few times. Which is nice.