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Dor Does Books

Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 



"Hi, I'm calling from the Window's security centre"

I hate these guys. 


In case you are unfamiliar, they ring you up and tell you that you have a virus on your computer. The scam can proceed in different ways - sometimes you have to go to a website, sometimes you'll have to do something on the computer, sometimes you have to buy a product to "fix" your computer, or you may be required to download a program onto it. It is a scam. Warn your friends. (Think about how many Windows machines there are out there. Do you really think Microsoft are ringing up everybody individually? Your computer's healthy is not their problem.)


If I'm able to, I'll string them along for a bit. If they're wasting their time on me, they aren't calling somebody who might fall for it. I once spent 5 minutes intermittently saying "hello" into the phone while the guy on the other end did too. He broke first. I once pretended to follow the instructions I was given and told the guy I'd received a critical error message and the news my hard drive was about to be wiped and what had he done.


Today, I told them they had a wrong number. It's always a good way to waste a minute or two while they try and work out how they could possibly have got a wrong number on an automated system. It's also fun to tell them you don't have a computer just to hear the astonishment.


The guy then asks for my name. I say I don't give my name to people who have called a wrong number and asked who he was.


He said, "I'm asking for your name, I'm not going to rape you over the phone."


I said, "You must have the most astonishing anatomy if you could manage to do that, darling" and hung up.



It would be wrong of me to blow a whistle down the phone, wouldn't it?