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Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 




I don't have much to add this this conversation - here's Blibliodaze's take, which is good apart from the paragraph which appears to suggest Kazuo Ishiguro is white - and here is an essay from The Social Justice League: How to be a fan of problematic things.


Some general Caitlin Moran based thoughts:


Yes, I like Caitlin Moran. No, I don't agree with everything she says and I don't feel as though she expects me to. Yes, I think she uses some offensive privileged language. Yes, I think it's right she be called out for it. Yes, I think she should address it. No, it's not a requirement (because nobody should be forced into a conversation they're not comfortable with). No, a feminist discourse does not automatically have to also cover race issues or LGBT issues, or anything else. Yes, there is automatically some crossover. No, being a feminist does not stop one using ableist or racist language, slut-shaming, or 1001 other unpleasant things Caitlin Moran may or may not have done now, or at any point during her lifetime. 


Most importantly: No, Caitlin Moran is not this week's designated speaker for the Feminist Hive Mind. She represents the opinions of nobody but Caitlin Moran. Yes, these can be shown to have been formed from a place of ignorance. Yes, she should be more self-aware - there are an awful lot of books out there.


Yes, I am still going to read, rate and review her new book - of which I already have an ARC - and I am going to try to do so for what it is, not what its author has said or done publicly.