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Dora's ARC - Being Anti-Social by Leigh K Cunningham

Being Anti-Social - Leigh K. Cunningham

[This book was provided to me for the price of no monies via Eidelweiss]


Okay, I'm 25% in and I am really, really struggling with this one. Because it's an ARC, it's getting until 30% to start getting better.


The trouble is that I thought, from the first few pages, it was going to be like The Rosie Project. However, so far it isn't and I'm not sure it's going to be. I've had a read of the other reviews out there and I don't think there's going to be a grand reveal to hook me. I'm also slightly puzzled by the chick lit comparisons because this is *not* chick lit (unless you are unlucky enough to have a short sighted publisher).


The big problem is there's no proper story and it's not engaging enough to get past that. So far, it's a monologue and some Oscar Wilde quotes the narrator seems to miss the point of. I lack confidence that it's deliberate but welcome correction on this matter.