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I'm having a sartorial crisis

A couple of weeks ago I bought a bright green rain mac. It made me very happy for several reasons:


a) I'd gone shopping in the hope of buying a dress but all the dresses were rubbish so it was an unexpected find.

2) It was green, but the kind of green you can actually wear with most other colours.

iii) It was from a brand I've never actually shopped at before but because I inadvertently lost over half a stone last year due to stress (along with a fair amount of my hair), I'm now a UK size 16ish and am slightly thrilled by all the brands I could never wear before (Just Say No to eating disorders, kids).


However, the seam under the right armpit has unravelled. I now have to decide if I want a refund or a replacement and I need to decide by tomorrow as my Mammy will be going past the shop in question (which is near Dublin).


The issues:


There is a surprising amount of difference in the fit between two garments of the same size. I tried my mac on in two different colours and the green was the slightly larger of the two which did influence my decision. I tried on a slightly different mac which was too small even though the design was nearly identical. A replacement may not fit.


Without it, I have nothing to wear in the rain. Until now, whenever it rains I've got wet. However, I've had a taste of walking around in the rain in a waterproof garment and I *liked* it. If I don't have this mac, I'm not sure where I can get a different one. Most of the shops near me are boutiques which have small sizing (although now I'm thinner, this may no longer be an issue - I'm honestly not sure) and which cater to Irish woman who are short arses (I'm 5ft 8). I've been looking for a rain mac for years, partly because clothes shopping is hateful to me. At the moment, rainy days are covered by a leather jacket which was my 21st birthday present. 


While there are many online retailers, there are not many in Ireland. If I buy anything online, it's the best part of a tenner delivery for most places, and probably that to send it back if it's unsuitable.


I am paying a premium for the brand. If I'd bought some other things that day, I probably wouldn't have got the mac. Part of me is all "I'm thin! I'm wearing *brand*". Part of me is "Get wet, put the money towards a PS3".


The quality for the brand is not as good as I expected. The seams ought to have been double stitched. This is also important because as the fit is already on the tight side, I have real doubts about how hard wearing this is going to be. I prefer to spend more money on clothes I get lots of wear out of.


I really liked it. It's really rare to find things in that nice bright green - they're often either putrid or minty but this was "palm" coloured. My eyes are green: it's a colour which suits me.


I felt safe in it. It was baggy enough on the body for me to feel comfortable even during the bloating of rag week, but shaped enough for me not to look like a bag lady.


However, it was not the most flattering garment. If I had to take Wren to the Vet, I'd make sure I was wearing something close fitting beneath it (because I fancy my vet and prefer to maintain the illusion my body is something desirable). Given the choice (which I now have, dammit), I would kind of like something a bit more fitted. 


If I do regain some weight it will become useless to me. Although I've been this size for long enough to believe it's a permanent change, it's the "thinnest" I've ever been so I'm still thinking of myself as a dress size (or two) larger. Because this is a rain mac, I can't predict how much use I will get from it. Because it's already "only just" the right size (due to the cut - the body is really big but the arms are a little tight when I bend my elbows fully) I am concerned about gaining weight and it no longer being suitable. 



*le sigh* This list is saying "refund" to me. :(


I know it's a first world problem. Anybody got any Europe based suggestions of places which do nice, slightly off mainstream styles?