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Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 




A Wild Bandwagon Approaches! (Or 10 things you probably didn't need to know about me)

1) My best score on the original Gameboy version of Tetris is 177 lines.


2) I am a font of knowledge about chicken poo. I have never failed to accurately diagnose a chicken from the state of its poo. 


3) Sometimes, I cannot stand to hear other peoples' good news. Somebody I vaguely know was told by a top author that they were the best unpublished novelist the top author had ever read and instead of being happy for them, I wanted to grind their face into something rotating and shriek "Why, God, Whhhhhhyyyyyy?!" 


4) The only Charles Dickens I've ever read is A Christmas Carol.


5) I hate yoghurt because it's too thick to drink and too thin to chew. Ditto jelly/jello.


6) Woodlice make me cry. It's their legs; their little wiggly white legs. *suppressed sob* At school, we had to do an experiment where we collected woodlice, put tippex on them, released them, then recaptured them the following week to find out how many woodlice were stupid enough to still be there. It was mainly the ones with their legs stuck together.


7) My 35 year-old sister refuses to come into physical contact with me and always has. If I have to pass her something, she'll get me to drop it into her hand and flinches away as I do so. I don't know how this makes me feel. I don't know why she does it either. 


8) I recently spent an awkward 30 seconds waiting for somebody to do maths on their phone because I was too embarrassed to just tell them the answer, demonstrating my Mental Arithmetic Skillz.


9) I once almost fainted watching Derren Brown performing a trick where he walked on broken glass. Not in the flesh, on the TV. 


10) I have a ridiculous crush on a vet but am too afraid to do anything about it because he works at the best Veterinary hospital around here and my cat is important to me. I know nothing about him beyond the fact he graduated last year (and is therefore something like 4 years younger than me) and the fact we always end up pissing ourselves laughing. He gets bonus points for being (just) taller than me. *dreamy sigh*