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Joe Konrath and Hugh Howey explain why Self-Publishing is the only thing anybody should ever do, ever

You know when somebody takes a load of statistics and makes a lot of pretty graphs to explain why their point is entirely true and is true for everybody except that it isn't because the data is funky and it's not transparent enough to mean anything anyway? That's what's happening now, but with added "And by the way, THE MAN suxxors!" 


(And if you were wondering, when he says "Indie Published", he doesn't mean by Granta, Cannongate et al, he means uploading the book on Amazon yourself. Also, no news on what you're supposed to do if you don't write genre).



The saddest thing of all? I was reading the Kboards thread about it and there's somebody there I used to know online, only they're not the person I used to know. They're petty and bombastic and self-congratulatory and it just makes me feel really, really sad. I get the pain of a thousand rejections. I get that you can sometimes write a good book, but it's not a good product, so it won't get published. I get that if you have the nous, you can take that good book and make a success of it because you haven't got an office, and a staff, and insurance, and a thousand other things to pay for each and every month in order to stay in business so you, individual with nous, were able to take a risk on your book and when it works out, you feel vindicated. And I get that it makes you feel the trade industry was wrong to reject you, which means they must be wrong about other things too and you become petty, and bombastic, and self-congratulatory when once you were funny, and interesting, and I was really, really rooting for you.


And the reason I mention it is because this is the culture ass-hat authors come from.