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Dark Fire (Shardlake Series)

Dark Fire  - C.J. Sansom

I have actually read this book before, but it's summer, and it's hot, and my concentration is *rubbish* at the moment, so: a re-read. I remember this as being one of the weaker Shardlake novels, but it's still better than Revelation (which felt like it had a structure shoehorned onto it rather too firmly - Heartstone was a return to form) and it is. Initially, it all feels a bit *too* convenient, the way Shardlake is tasked with investigating the Dark Fire of the title, and that convenience feels weak, as does the time limit imposed - yet it still manages to ratchet the tension. Once it gets going it goes well enough. Despite a certain repetitiveness in the events (the action largely involves Shardlake and Barak riding across London to have a conversation with somebody they spoke to a couple of days before, interspersed with peril) it's very readable if not the best of the series. I'm not a great historical fiction buff, but I like things which read as though they could be true, even if they're gubbins. This, for me, managed that. If you've not read a Shardlake novel before, don't start with this one - either read them in order, or my pick would be Sovereign, book 3.