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Listen To This. Listen To This Now

I am a big Doctor Who fan. I *love* it. I'm not wild about the most recent of the new series for a lot of reasons (enough to make me think then deserve their own blog - we'll see how this Saturday's episode goes) but the classics from the old ones are great.


What you may or may not know is that there are also a heap of radio plays (and novels) out there continuing the adventures of the pre-reboot Doctors. I'm not their biggest fan because I never know who any of the characters are, but this one, Protect and Survive - linked to at the BBC iplayer above and which is available until next Monday the 25th November worldwide - is pretty damn special.


First, it's got Ace in it. I had two heroines when I was growing up - Evangeline Eliott from The House of Eliott, and Ace from Doctor Who. I loved Ace because she was brave and blew things up, two qualities I still aspire to have. 


Second, it's in-your-bones scary. Maybe it's an age thing, but I'm just about old enough to remember this type of thing. My Mammy was involved in Greenham Common. 


Third, the first part owes a massive, massive debt to Raymond Briggs' graphic novel, When the Wind Blows. Even if you don't listen to the rest of it, listen to the first part. Also, go and read that book because it is fucking amazing.


(Cynics may also add a fourth reason: because Sylvester McCoy hardly puts in an appearance. They will be dealt with harshly.)