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Whispers Under Ground (Rivers of London 3)

Whispers Under Ground  - Ben Aaronovitch

I was a bit wary of reading this one. I loved the first in the series - Rivers of London - but the second book just didn't do it for me. Happily, this book was a return to form and I really enjoyed it.


The good: We're back to London being as much a character as the actual characters. Lesley May is back - harrumble! It's funny. It feels solidly built on its own backstory.


The bad: I could really, really, *really* live without a scene about a third of the way in (the early morning one at the Folly). It's the kind of irritating, out-of-place, pseudo-humour which is so very damaging to women's social emancipation.


I didn't read this for the who-dunnit, but if I had I'd opine the reveal was weak; probably not enjoyable for those who like to solve the crime first. There are parts which serve the greater story arc stretching across several books. These felt veeeerrrrry creaky. But, anyway. I enjoyed this (and actually went and read a different book part way through because I didn't want to get through this one too quickly) and will definitely be picking up the next in the series.