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Her Giant Octopus Moment

Her Giant Octopus Moment - Kay Langdale

I picked this book up because I thought I'd get a nice easy read, something a bit naff, perfect for my current mood. Instead I got a really good book with really strong characterisation and, consequently, a healthy dose of feminist rage directed at publishers' marketing departments. That said, there was something a little bit lacking for me. It's the kind of book which leads you along with it, rather than the kind of book which makes you wonder what's going to happen. I also felt a little short-changed by the lack of legal detail - I'm left questioning whether that would be the actual procedure but as I don't know anything about it, I'm probably wrong. I am asking questions, which is a good thing. It was good and I liked it, but I wasn't terribly compelled to read it though and some of the minor characters, while strongly written, felt a little cliched. So I'm going to give it 3.5 stars, and tell you to ignore that stupid cover.