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Me and Mr Booker

Me and MR Booker - Cory Taylor

I didn't care for this book, which is disappointing because I really thought it would be better. Usually I'm not terribly bothered by books in which nothing much happens but I did actually find this one boring and, in the first half, overly repetitive in terms of the content: Martha and Mr Booker go and have sex; then they have sex again somewhere else; then they sneak off and have sex ... it's dull. By the second half, things improve for a bit but ultimately the book never manages to free itself from its own stagnation. It is emotionally thin and not in the deliberate self-aware way of other books I've read (and love). I gave this one more of an effort because I own it, but it got read more because I was in bed with post-Migraine exhaustion. That said, it's well written and not actively terrible, so I'm going to give it 2 stars.