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Girlchild - Tupelo Hassman

There are many reasons why I pick a book up and this one was brought home because of the praise from Heather O'Neill, whose Lullabies for Little Criminals I read last year, on the front. The fact Ms O'Neill praises it will give you a better idea of what you're in for with this book than the blurb does: "Rory Dawn Hendrix is in a Girl Scout troop of one. She lives in a trailer park called the Calles de las Flores near Reno. And she's determined to leave, childless, before her sixteenth birthday. Easier said than done." Given the events in the book, that blurb is rather distasteful in addition to being wildly inaccurate. This is a book which covers Rory Dawn's life from age 5 through to 16. It is that rare thing: a female book about female lives and the problems and conflicts men - through no fault of their own - do not have to think about, worry about, or even give daily thought to. It is one of the books to hold up when detractors claim women authors are equal these days (look at the Granta list! Why are you still complaining?!). You'll know we've reached literary equality when you can hold a book like this up and somebody in the room has read it. So, yes. I liked it very much and I especially liked the style - short chapters, almost vignettes.