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The Book of Lies

The Book of Lies - Mary Horlock

I did and I didn't like this book. I liked the voice. I thought the dynamics of the teenage relationship were well observed and written. I thought it had a really good sense of place which I found believable. What I didn't like - the secondary story: the account of what happened in the war. I found that slightly *too* confusing and it didn't quite sit properly for me re motivations. I feel it missed a trick or two with what could have been done. As a side note, this book has footnotes in it. I was reading it on Kindle and, if you've never experienced them, footnotes on Kindle are epically annoying. At the end of every chapter the footnotes appeared without a paragraph break or owt. I'd recommend picking up a hardcopy rather than the Kindle version (unless you're less easily narked than I am, obviously.)