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Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 




The Testimony - James Smythe

To begin with, The Testimony is ... thorough, shall we say. The "talking heads" style narrative feels slow to get going, but the fault for this should be laid at the feet of the blurb: it takes 25% of the book to cover the receipt of the message.


However, once it gets going, it gets going. It's a proper One-More-Chapter read. I wasn't a great fan of the surface direction the storyline it took - just feels a bit "meh" - but I enjoyed it very much and will certainly be looking out more of the authors work.



One other thing, less a criticism, more an observation: this is a story which concerns itself with the individual human accounts of the events it covers, from a highup in the American Government to a professional gamer in China, and yet, 2/3s of them are male.