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Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1) - Hilary Mantel

It feels as though I've been reading this one forever. It is long and it is a slow read, but it's a good one and that three stars is more to do with my personal taste. For a book to be four star, I have to be eager to get back to it and Wolf Hall, for all its deserved superlatives, simply didn't do that. The reason for that is, I feel, because it lacks drive. Hopefully, a book presents us with a protagonist, gives them a problem then lets them solve it. Wolf Hall doesn't do that and I am left feeling that it stopped at a convenient point. Maybe this is a 1500 page novel divided into three convenient parts for ease of holding. There are no consequences, and maybe we don't need them for this and I'm sure the book would be worse for them, but that's what stopped it being a four star for me. If my copy had burst into flame half-way through reading, I wouldn't have replaced it until I saw it at a good price. If that makes sense.