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Mystery of Mercy Close

The Mystery of Mercy Close - Marian Keyes

I'm being a little unfair on this one - consider the score 2.5 stars.I like Marian Keyes. When she's good, there's nobody to touch her, but - for my taste - her books can be dragged down by the stock set pieces of the genre. This book has a lot to recommend it, but the storyline doesn't really work for me. It's fun, but a bit jarring with the *other* parts of the story, which are, frankly, excellent.



EDIT - I reread this but couldn't be bothered to write a whole new review. I actually enjoyed it tons more on the reread - the farce/satirical elements which sat so uneasily on that first read worked better the second time through. I'm boosting the score up to 3 stars and will recommend Keyes fans who didn't like it give it a second try.