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DNF - Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel

Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel

I abandoned this one an *age* ago, but I'm also ridonkulously busy at the moment. I don't even have time to procrastinate on Booklikes. *weeps*


So this one is about a post-viral world where a travelling theatre group perform Shakespeare and ... something. Honestly, I'm not that big on post-viral novels for the simple reason that if you've read Stephen King's The Stand, everything else feels derivative. He just did it so thoroughly. It's the same with zombie stuff - it's all The Omega Man with the details changed. 


This one split its narrative between the virus taking hold and the 20 years later with the theatre group making their way around the scattered townships which are left. Neither grabbed me. I'm not a Shakespeare worshipper so I'm not really that gripped by the idea of his plays being performed when nothing else is left. I'm sure he's super, and I don't argue with his contribution to language or his general importance, I just say that if you're female or not white, roles become limited. Give me a post apocalyptic theatre troupe who've stumbled across some Days Of Our Lives scripts; that would be interesting story.


I quit about page 100 or so, but I don't rule out trying some of her other books. In accordance with my rules of DNFing, a book which cannot compel me to finish it is unworthy of a higher score: 1 star.