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Dora's ARC - The House of Hidden Mothers by Meera Syal

The House of Hidden Mothers - Meera Syal

Just the other day I commented to my Mammy that you don't see enough of of Meera Syal these days. She's been in the second series of Broadchurch (which is worth watching just for Olivia Coleman calling David Tennant a wanker. Honestly, I could listen to that all day) but other than that she's been off my radar.


If you aren't a pleb who lives in a field, you'll know she's been doing theatre and various other marvellous things including earning a CBE for services to drama and literature. The House of Hidden Mothers is her third novel and her first this century. I read her first, Anita and Me, when I was at University and loved it - it's now on the GCSE syllabus.


So I'm very excited to have this ARC - provided by RandomHouse/Transworld/Doubleday via Netgalley - and there will be a review closer to its release date: 4th June 2015. Thanks PR peoples!