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Oh, hai! I read books, then I write down what I think of them. 



I know I'm not the audience for this, but nevertheless...

The Selection - Kiera Cass

So, this was (and may possibly still be) FREE on Amazon UK. I don't usually bother with authors who've been involved with internet shenanigans, but, yannow, free. It's like sticking it to the man.


I began reading it last night and honestly - it's amazing. I'm waiting to find out it started life as Hungar Games fanfic because it mirrors that book so closely.


It's everything which is bad about YA (flat writing, characters whose live revolve around teh romance, the MC is the centre of all activity and they alone can fix their family's problems), plus everything which is bad about teenage girls in general (a desire to be constantly told you're the most beautiful/popular/desired person in the room while absolutely, genuinely feeling like you're not because humility makes you even more attractive).


It is hilariously bad. Honestly, it's appalling. Thank god I wasn't drinking anything when it mentioned King Clarkson.


All Hail King Clarkson




BUT, it's pretty damn readable. It's like Dan Brown or James Patterson. It's like the film Supergirl. It's terrible in almost every conceivable way, but I will almost certainly have had it read by tomorrow.


If you've never understood why people write gif reviews, read this. Words cannot do it justice.